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Parked in Subway Town

The Zeppelin is a vehicle featured in RAGE. The Zeppelin is only flown by Charon and cannot be piloted by Nicholas Raine.

The vehicle is primarily used by the Resistance, who use it to travel between both the Eastern and Northern Wasteland.

The vehicle mainly flew between Wellspring and Subway Town, both of which were home to Resistance bases. It first appears in RAGE above the Wasteland after Dan Hagar saves Nicholas Raine from bandits shortly after emerging from his Ark.

Trivia Edit

  • The Zeppelin and Firestorm are the only aerial vehicles in RAGE.
  • It is the only flight-based vehicle which the player can ride on.
  • It is the only known option for cross-wasteland travel.
  • It is unknown where the Zeppelin is parked in Wellspring, as the door leading to it appears to be heading underground.

Gallery Edit

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