Wellspring sewer entrance

The Wellspring Sewers entrance

The Wellspring Sewers is a location featured in RAGE. Like the other sewers, it is only available with the Wasteland Sewer Missions DLC. It is found in the Northern Wasteland.


When in the Wellspring Entrance, look on the north side of the road leading to Wellspring. The entrance is only a few meters away from the town's gate. Make sure you are stocked up on ammunition and bandages, as this is one of the more difficult sewers.

Notable LootEdit


  • The interior of Southern Sewers is visible about halfway through -- a slightly elevated walkway that is inaccessible due to railings.
  • The large room that can be seen underneath as you walk on a catwalk looks like the one with the large mutant in the Plateau Sewers but they are not the same, since both sewers are quite distant above the ground and the second part of the catwalk is broken in Plateau Sewers.

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