The Wasteland is a distinctive part of the world of RAGE. It consists of two regions the protagonist can visit, the Northern Wasteland and Eastern Wasteland, and the mentioned-only Southern Territories. The regions consist of territories that house settlements and/or other remarkable locations.


Nicholas Raine starts his way in the Northern Wasteland, the more hospitable part of the wastes. In contrast to the eastern lands, this land is much lighter and spread wide, giving home to numerous locations, both friendly and hostile. Wellspring is considered the local capital and safest place in this part of the Wasteland. Many other locations, including the Hagar Settlement, Dead City ruins and different sewers (Wasteland Sewer Missions DLC required), may draw people to this area, both for scavenging opportunities and settling.

The other Wasteland region is situated to the east of the Northern Wasteland and is called Eastern Wasteland. This land is much darker and has harsh environment. Not many settlements are found there, and Subway Town, built under ruins of the Crescent City, is the local capital and safest place around. The Authority's capital city and main base of operations, Capital Prime, is located in this part of the Wasteland, in the Authority Territory isolated from the rest of the region by a security bridge.

Not much is known about any other regions of the Wasteland. There are hospitable lands to the south of the Northern Wasteland called Southern Territories. Some Northern Wasteland settlements — Wellspring, and the Hagar Settlement — have reached a trading agreement with the town of Gunbarrel, the capital of the Southern Territories, and both Dan Hagar and Mayor Clayton are eager to use this opportunity for the sake of future prosperity of their settlements.


  • If one looks at the old highway signs scattered about, mostly around the Northern Wasteland, some of these signs still have Interstate signs (I-66) and readable town names, such as Gunbarrel and St Vita Hwy (relating to the St Vita Hospital). These could pinpoint the exact location of RAGE, however this is extremely unlikley as they are most likely made-up names.

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