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There are 3 types of "Vehicle ammunition" featured in the RAGE campaign, with many others featured in Road Rage. They are simply ammunition types used in the various vehicles of the game.


Minigun ammunitionEdit


Minigun ammunition in the shop

Minigun ammunition is used in the Miniguns, the Machine Guns, and the Heavy Machine Guns. They are quite powerful and take out bandit vehicles in only around six seconds. In Road Rage, enemy players are stronger and therefore can take much more damage.



Rockets in the shop

Rockets are the basic ammunition type used in the Rocket Launchers, modified in the Homing Missile, and the Rocket. They are extremely powerful and are capable of taking down any Buggy or Cuprino in the campaign, and have a similar devastating effect in Road Rage.

Pulse RoundsEdit

Pulse rounds are used in the Pulse Cannon and the Pulse Repeaters, both in the campaign and in Road Rage.

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