RAGE Valder
In the Well
Role City Guard
Specialty Assists the protagonist
in the combat
Faction Settlers
Rank/title N/A
Family N/A
Weapons Settlers Assault Rifle
Combat rating Skulls-1 Skulls-1 Skulls-1
Location Well
Featured RAGE
“Get that toxin outta here!”
―Valder, to the protagonist

Valder is a character featured in RAGE. He is a resident of Wellspring and is presumably the head of the guards in the Well.

Valder is only encountered during the quest "Hijacked Well", in which he is found inside the Well. He, along with Rescoe and two other guards, is found fighting back against the Ghosts. The group supports Nicholas Raine as he retrieves the Ghost Toxin.

If he survives the fight, he will thank the protagonist for helping them defeat the Ghost Clan and ask him to remove the toxin canister out of the water supply and to get it out of the Well. He will then stand there and will not interact with Raine any further.

Should Valder be killed by the Ghost Clan, or even by the protagonist (simply shooting or punching will cause his death), his body can be looted, and the other guards (should they survive) will not attack the protagonist.

The protagonist is unable to return to the Well once the quest is completed, and so Valder is never seen nor heard of again.


  • Valder, Nelno, Garan and Saul all share the same character model in RAGE, with minor differences.
  • He is one of the very few non-hostile named NPCs in the game that can be killed by the player.

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