V10 Engine
Cost, RC 45 Rage Dune Buster Engine V6 Thunder
Vehicle(s) Cuprino
Upgrade type Engine upgrade
Prerequisite "Cuprino Needed"
“The largest engine available for the Cuprino. Get where you're going fast!”

The V10 Engine upgrade is a vehicle upgrade featured in RAGE. It can be purchased for 45 Racing Certificates for the Cuprino.

In Vehicle Combat, this engine is recommended over the V8 Engine, as this actually can be used effectively against bandits. This provides enough of a speed boost to allow the player to either escape or chase enemy vehicles around the Wasteland effectively without having to use up Boost.

In Racing, this engine is almost needed to win in the later Subway Town Speedway races for the Cuprino, as the other vehicles will be faster and more aggressive than those of the Wellspring Speedway.

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