Travel to Wellspring
Rage Travel to Wellspring
You need safe passage to Wellspring?
Quest type Side quest
Acquisition Charon
Subway Town
Action place Wasteland
Equipment None specified
Rewards None specified
Prerequisite "Foreman Jones"
Next mission "Travel to Subway Town"

"Travel to Wellspring" is a side quest in RAGE given to the protagonist by Charon in Subway Town. It is available after making a minimum progress in the quests "Gaining Influence" and "Foreman Jones".


You need safe passage to Wellspring?
The Resistance has to maintain communication and supply routes, and I'm the man who gets it done. I usually charge, but a hero like you travels for free.
We're ready to leave whenever you are.



After you complete the quest "Subway Town" and end up in the Subway Town Resistance Base, the ferryman is nowhere to be found. Complete the mini quest "Talk to Captain Marshall" once again and accept the quest "Gaining Influence" to be able to leave the base, than go see Mayor Redstone and Foreman Jones, perhaps complete the "Mutant Expansion" mission — in other words, make some main storyline progress. The traveling mission will be available once you enter the base next time.

Find Charon near the airship. It turns out that he is the one who maintains the connection between Wellspring and Subway Town. He usually charges, but since you proved yourself useful to the Resistance and did a lot of good work all alone, you may travel for free. And so accept his mission, and you and your vehicles will be transferred to Wellspring. Once you're all done in the Northern Wasteland, speak to Charon again to travel to Subway Town.


  • There will be no flight video sequence when you travel with Charon.
  • Each time the protagonist travels to the other region of the Wasteland, he will find Abbott and Rourke at their previous positions there.