Vehicle themes are upgrades featured in RAGE. They are featured in both the Campaign and in the multiplayer mode Road Rage.

The themes are used to change the paint job of a certain vehicle. In Road Rage they are unlocked for certain vehicles. In the Campaign they are purchased for the Racing Certificates.


All vehicles featured in the Campaign of RAGE[1] have at least two themes available. While the basic themes are free, the custom themes cost some money.

Dune Buster
Icon Item Description Cost
Rage Dune Buster Themes Second hand Second Hand A hand-me-down paint theme from the Hagar Settlement.
Rage Dune Buster Themes id id One of the last reminders of a long dead race of game developers. Wear it with pride. 5
Rage Dune Buster Themes Skull Skull Guaranteed to make the driver look even more badass. 5

Rat Rod
Icon Item Description Cost
Rage Rat Rod Theme Fire Fire The classic Rat Rod body paint.
Rage Dune Buster Themes Skull Boar Switch from classic to classless with the Angry Boar theme. 5

Icon Item Description Cost
Rage Dune Buster Themes Second hand Second Hand A no frills basic Cuprino paint theme.
Rage Cuprino Theme Orange Orange A classic Wastelander look. 5
Rage Cuprino Theme Patrol Patrol Smells like bacon… anyone want donuts? 5

Icon Item Description Cost
Rage Dune Buster Themes Second hand Starky's Starky thought this paint theme was cool, do you?
Rage Monarch Theme Scorcher Scorcher Look like one of the comet-worshiping bandits, the Scorchers. 10
* It should be noted that the Heavy Armor upgrade encloses the vehicle entirely and the paint job will be covered by it.

Road RageEdit

All five of the vehicles in Road Rage start with a single theme, but only two have multiple. The starting theme comes with the vehicle available, but the custom themes can only be obtained by leveling up. The custom themes include some appearances of NPC vehicles seen throughout the Campaign.

Vehicle Themes
Road Rage vehicle type 1 Scout

  • Level 1: id (default)
  • Level 2: Toxic, Uncle Sam
  • Level 3: Classic, Rusty's Buggy
  • Level 4: Crush, Grim Reaper
  • Level 6: Bash Buggy
  • Level 7: Blaze
  • Level 8: Stanley Express
  • Level 9: Phantom
  • Level 11: Rising Sun, Union Jack
  • Level 12: Robocola
  • Level 13: Wastelander
  • Level 14: Inferno
  • Level 16: Ghost
  • Level 18: Phoenix
Road Rage vehicle type 2 Enforcer

  • Level 5: Stallion (default)
  • Level 6: Vortex
  • Level 2: Racer
  • Level 13: Sawtooth
  • Level 17: Scorpion
  • Level 19: Patrol
Road Rage vehicle type 3 Outlaw

  • Level 10: Tank
(default and the only)
Road Rage vehicle type 4 Executioner

  • Level 15: Starky's
(default and the only)
Road Rage vehicle type 5 Boss

  • Level 20: Reaver
(default and the only)


  1. The Rat Rod buggy is available exclusively to the Anarchy and Campaign Editions of RAGE.

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