Map by funkyskull-d4cou76

Territories are the parts of the Wasteland in RAGE. They are used to mark the surroundings of certain locations for easier navigation, as well as to define which faction such as settlers or the bandits owns the land. There are a total of 16 different territories.

The territories of different factions are defended by said factions depending on the general power of those factions.

List of territoriesEdit

Northern Wasteland
Territory Faction Landmark
Ark Emergence N/A Dam Facility
Ghost Territory Ghosts Ghost Hideout
Kvasir's Chasm Antonin Kvasir Kvasir's Lab
Hagar Territory Hagar Settlement Hagar Settlement
Outrigger Territory Outrigger Settlement Outrigger Settlement
Scorcher Territory Scorchers Scorcher Base
Southern Valley Authority Authority Prison
Wasted Territory Wasted Clan Wasted Garage
Wellspring Entrance Wellspring Wellspring
Eastern Wasteland
Territory Faction Landmark
Authority Territory Authority Capital Prime
Gearhead Territory Gearheads Power Plant
Jackal Territory Jackal Clan Jackal Canyon
Open Territory N/A N/A
Subway Town Subway Town Subway Town

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