Subway Town
Rage Subway Town quest
Come back when you wrap up any loose ends
and we'll leave together.
Quest type Main quest
Acquisition John Marshall
Action place Subway Town
Equipment None specified
Rewards None specified
Prerequisite "Lost Research Data"
Next mission "Gaining Influence"

"Subway Town" is a quest in RAGE given to the protagonist by John Marshall in Wellspring. It is available after completing the quest "Lost Research Data" and mini-quest "Talk to Captain Marshall".


Wellspring just isn't safe for you anymore.
The communication scrambler should mask our exit. I've got a Transport to take us to the Resistance Base in Subway Town, deep below the ruins of Crescent City.
Welcome to the front lines.


  • Travel with Captain Marshall to Subway Town


Rage Subway Town flight

It's time to leave Wellspring, as well as the Northern Wasteland, and travel to Subway Town, a settlement built under the wrecks of the Crescent City. Wrap up any loose ends and talk to Marshall. Watch the cutscene. Marshall will share some information with you, and also you might enjoy a view on the Eastern Wasteland from above.


  • Though you can return to Wellspring later, it still is better to complete any quests left, as well as racing tasks.