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“1134, check. Targets confirmed. Diagnostic audits complete and Ark personnel entering stasis. This is 1134 signing off.”
―Stephen Hill, during the Prologue

Captain Stephen Hill is a character mentioned in RAGE. He was Nicholas Raine's commanding officer during the late portion of his military career and was well respected by him, though they may not have always agreed with each other. He was the commanding military officer of Ark program control facility 1134 and the man who chose to save Raine from the destruction of 99942 Apophis by giving up his own place in the Ark 437a as the designated military adviser, due to having cancer, and selecting Raine as the replacement.

He stood watch over the Arks as they descended under the surface. Despite sacrificing his chance to survive the apocalypse, he conducted himself with a rigid professionalism, commanding his men until the last moments, fully accepting of his fate, and hoping that Raine will lead the Ark 437a survivors in the new world. Raine, sadly couldn't save the rest of the Ark Survivors in time and he is left as the sole survivor, despite Hill's wishes.

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