Starky's Monarch
2011-10-11 00113
Now, how you gonna refuse an offer like that?
Quest type Side quest
Acquisition Starky
Subway Town
Action place Subway Town Speedway
Equipment None specified
Rewards Monarch
Pulse Cannon ammo ×6,
Miniguns ammo ×800,
Homing Missiles ×12
Prerequisite "Monarch Needed"
Next mission none

"Starky's Monarch" is a side quest in RAGE given to the protagonist by Starky in Subway Town. It is available after making a minimum progress in the quest "Monarch Needed".


Back for some whup-ass, loser?
I beat everybody back in Wellspring, and now I'm gonna do it here. But, I can't beat ya if you're too chicken to race, so let's raise the stakes.
You beat me and you win my Monarch, it's the best set of wheels money can buy.


  • Beat Starky to the finish line, again


Speak to Starky near "Sparky's Autoparts". The quest is essentially the same thing as the "Starky's Challenge" mission back in Wellspring. Run him off the road at the start then hit the Boost Restore pickups. Should be pretty easy, despite the fact that Starky drives his Monarch while you're using the Cuprino.


  • It is advised to complete this mission because the Monarch vehicle is worth any efforts, and beating Starky is not that hard, anyway.