Appears in RAGE
Affiliations Wellspring
Stanley Express
Status Alive

Stanley is a character featured in RAGE. He is a resident of Wellspring and the proprietor of the Stanley Express. He can be found in the Stanley Express kiosk in Wellspring underneath the Sheriff Black's office.

Stanley needs drivers, and speaking to him after completing the quest "Wellspring Bound" will cause him to offer the protagonist a job as a courier and let him choose one of the three routes: the Settler Postal, the Bandit Postal, and the Northern Postal, — which will trigger the corresponding quests of the same names ("Settler Postal", "Bandit Postal", or "Northern Express").

Nicholas Raine will be given one of the Stanley's Dune Busters and the packages to be delivered to the designated Stanley Express Mailboxes throughout the Northern Wasteland in a certain amount of time. Stanley will reward Raine for making deliveries on time, whereas failing a delivery will result in no payment.

Once the three delivery missions have been completed, Stanley will have no interactions left with the protagonist.

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