Standard Spiked Tires
Cost, RC 15 / 20 / 25 Rage Dune Buster Tires Standard Spiked
Vehicle(s) Buggy /
Cuprino /
Upgrade type Tire upgrade
Prerequisite "Wellspring Bound"
“Standard buggy tires, but now with deadly spikes!”
―Buggy description

Standard Spiked Tires are a vehicle upgrade featured in RAGE. They can be purchased for 15 Racing Certificates for the Dune Buster and Rat Rod[1] buggies, 20 for the Cuprino, and 25 for the Monarch.

The Standard Spiked Tires provide extra damage towards enemy vehicles when in Vehicle Combat, as any driver who drives beside the player will begin to take certain amount of damage. This can be helpful in areas like the Scorcher Territory when heavy enemy resistance is encountered as any sort of extra damage can help the player, especially on the Nightmare difficulty level.

In Combat Racing, the tires can be effective in some closed in tracks like the Dusty 8. Many times though, on tracks like the Southern Highway Campaign map, the upgrade will not be as effective due to vast open space.


  1. The Rat Rod buggy is the Anarchy / Campaign Edition bonus content.

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