Sport Suspension
Cost, RC 20 Rage Dune Buster Suspension Sport
Vehicle(s) Buggy
Upgrade type Suspension upgrade
Prerequisite "Wellspring Bound"
“The sport suspension upgrade provides more shock absorption for the all-terrain driver.”

The Sport Suspension upgrade is a vehicle upgrade featured in RAGE. It can be purchased for 20 Racing Certificates for the Dune Buster and Rat Rod[1] buggies.

The upgrade provides extra handling and shock absorption so collisions with either enemy vehicles or obstructions will be less detrimental to vehicle armor. According to its description, it helps the "all-terrain driver" as high jumps off ramps will have less effect on vehicle armor.

In Racing, especially Time Trials, this can be useful as it minimizes the amount of time it takes to get the buggy to return to full speed after crashing due to the shock absorption.


  1. The Rat Rod buggy is the Anarchy / Campaign Edition bonus content.

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