Road Rage map 4 Southern Highway

Southern Highway is the fourth Road Rage Vehicle Combat rally multiplayer map in RAGE. It is based off of the Campaign Racing map of the same name.


The map is, similar to Meteor, in the shape of an eight but has a second layer to it. At the furthest point west of the map lies three initial vehicle spawns. The driver in the furthest Northern spawn will drive out onto a crossroads onto the first curve of the eight or onto a highway ramp. The way leading to the highway ramp will be a long two lane suspended highway with part of the left side supports being gone, allowing the driver a chance to steal Rally Points, Capture Zones, or Meteors from above. On this highway up to seven Meteors can fall while three Capture Zones could spawn during the course of the Rally.

After going off the highway ramp to the East taking a U-turn, the driver will go into a curve leading down into the middle section of the eight, which becomes a war zone quickly in most Rallies. Going forward lies where the initial starting points lie. A total of about 13 different Meteors can fall here, while 6 Capture Zones also can appear here.

Turning around traveling forward, the driver will come across an unmentioned large turn in the far East. This leads to the curve mentioned above. Three Meteors can spawn here while no Capture Zones will.


This map can be unrelenting, but filled with action and is best played on Carnage. The player can best move fast and strafe often as staying in one spot or moving too slow can be absolutely fatal on this map. The player should also consider using things like Cluster Bombs and Pulse Repeaters for heavy damage and high usage of escape material.

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