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The workshop of the Shrouded, a mysterious group of bandits known for their ingenious instruments of destruction… and their shrouds.
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The Shrouded Bunker is a location featured in RAGE. It is the main base of the Shrouded Clan, one of the technologically advanced bandit clans in the Wasteland. In this base, they manufacture RC Bomb Cars used to hinder access to the Northern Canyon.

During the quest "Destroy the Bomb Caches" assigned by Sheriff Black, Nicholas Raine blows up three bomb caches and destroys the base of operations in order to stop the bomb car production and cease the Shrouded threat in the passageway area. The protagonist later returns to the bunker during the mission "RC Prototype" to upgrade the RC Bomb Car schematic to a better, stronger version.

The bunker is a veritable treasure trove as there are many items to pick up, including an Authority Machine Gun. A few Shrouded may spawn in the bunker if the player enters it between the quests.

Locked doors: 1

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