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The workshop of the Shrouded, a mysterious group of bandits known for their ingenious instruments of destruction… and their shrouds.

The Shrouded Bunker is a location featured in RAGE. It is the main base of the Shrouded Clan, a bandit clan known for their technological intelligence. The bunker is best known as the source of the RC Bomb Cars.

At the request of Sheriff BlackNicholas Raine destroyed the bunker's bomb caches, delivering a major blow to the Shrouded Clan. Raine eventually returned to the bunker, after hearing rumors of a new "Advanced" RC Bomb Car.

The bunker is a somewhat of a treasure trove, as there are many items to pick up, including an Authority Machine Gun.

Locked doors: 1

Associated questsEdit


Notes Edit

  • A few Shrouded clansmen may spawn in the bunker if the player enters it between the quests.
  • A hostile RC Bomb Car will occasionally appear outside the bunker. This is unique, and is not seen anywhere else in the Wasteland.
    • Note that the RC will stop spawning after the "Destroy the Bomb Caches" quest is complete.


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