Road Rage left 1 Shield
“Protects your vehicle from incoming damage.”

The Shield is a type of left vehicle quick-use items featured in RAGE. It can be bought in clusters of three from vendors for $30 ($29 when wearing Wastelander or Crimson Elite[1] armor), and are unlocked by default at level 1 in Road Rage. The player's vehicle can hold up to 99 Shields.

When activated, it deflect enemy vehicle gunfire and explosive projectiles by producing a bluish force shield that covers the player's vehicle for 10 seconds.


In the campaign, it is most useful when the player needs to get through areas like the Scorcher Territory where simple Dune Buster or Rat Rod would struggle passing through, or when racing against high-level opponents.

In Road Rage, the player can use it strategically to avoid damage. When facing a Monarch class enemy vehicle, it's safe to indirectly fire upon them (note that even the Mortar is blocked by the shield), and when the enemy vehicle fires back, the player can switch on the shield. It's recommended to always keep the last shield for saving the player's vehicle when it's about to be destroyed.


  1. Crimson Elite armor is the Anarchy and Campaign Edition exclusive content.

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