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Settler Pistol
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The Settler Pistol is a common weapon featured in RAGE, and is the first gun acquired. It has a low rate of fire, decent damage, medium accuracy, heavy stopping power, and can use Killburst rounds.


The weapon resembles a futuristic revolver with a break-open frame and an auto-ejector. It appears to have a barrel for each bullet, a modification believed to divide normal wear and tear between more barrels, thus limiting its need for repair and allowing for different caliber ammunition depending on the magazine inserted. The weapon can be upgraded with a scope called the Monocular (although it is not actually attached to the weapon in any way; the protagonist holds the Monocular with his left hand and fires the pistol with his right, which would clearly be totally useless in reality).


Weapon Demonstration Settler Pistol00:36

Weapon Demonstration Settler Pistol

Ammo typesEdit

  • Pistol Rounds — normal medium-caliber bullets that deal low damage.
  • Fatboys — rounds that deal twice the damage of their regular, more common counterpart, while cutting ammo capacity in half.
  • Fat Mammas — rounds that can dish out twice the damage of fatboys and can pass through multiple enemies. Must be crafted from Fatboys and Explosive Packs.
  • Killbursts — bullets within a bullet that all fire at once. Reloads after each shot.


  • The Settler Pistol used to be called The Revolver.
  • It was one of the first RAGE weapons demonstrated to public.
  • The weapon shares some similarities to the pistol from Doom 3, a game also produced by id Software.
  • It also shares some similarities to the .32 pistol from Fallout 3, a game produced by Bethesda Softworks.
  • There is another, unobtainable pistol version used by bandits and guards. Instead of a revolver, it appears to be based on the famous Colt M1911 pistol.


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