Appears in RAGE
Affiliations Outrigger Settlement
Subway Town
Status Alive
Weapon Settlers Assault Rifle

Rourke is a character featured in RAGE. He is a guard protecting the small community at the Outrigger Settlement, and later on he becomes the Resistance's sympathizer in Subway Town.

Upon interacting with him in the Outrigger Settlement, he simply provides some minor directions for Nicholas Raine and tells him to stay safe. Later on he can be found in "Fez" Bar in Subway Town. When the Authority steps in Subway Town, Rourke will be found hiding behind some boxes at the upper level of the town observing the Authority troops' activity and will openly state his distaste towards the Authority when the protagonist interacts with him. He also states that there are too few people willing to stand up against the Authority and that he will fight against them when he gets the chance to.


  • If the protagonist returns to the Outrigger Settlement from Subway Town, Rourke will be there and provide him with the information about the Outriggers' movement. He will remain there for the remainder of the game even after he's encountered in Subway Town. Apparently every time Raine uses the Charon's services of traveling to and from Wellspring, Rourke travels with him, just like Abbott does.


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