“Added protection against the stuff that hurts, this suit will keep you alive and fighting.”

The Roughneck is one of the three basic armor classes in RAGE. It is obtained in Wellspring when Nicholas Raine is told to ditch the Ark Suit and get something a little more inconspicuous. When the Roughneck armor is equipped, the protagonist gains extra protection.


  • The Roughneck light, medium and heavy armor upgrades have many things in common with those of the Wastelander armor, such as the chest plate and leg armor, with the only difference being in color and medium shoulder pads.
  • Like all Heavy armors, the Roughneck heavy armor displays 5 shields of protection. Despite this, the Roughneck still offers more protection than the other choices (excluding Crimson Elite).
  • The Roughneck is the only suit in the original version that somewhat comes close to resembling its icon.


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