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The Rocket Launcher is a weapon featured in RAGE. It is a military-grade weapon with a lock-on feature. It has a four round magazine and a slightly longer than normal reload time.

The Rocket Launcher can be used both against the enemies and the enemy vehicles. When used with Viper Rockets, it deals more damage to the enemy tech than when loaded with HE Rockets, but it can only fire upon enemy vehicles.

The Rocket Launcher is entirely reusable.

Weapon Demonstration Rocket Launcher00:29

Weapon Demonstration Rocket Launcher


  • It can be found in Dead City, immediately before facing the Giant Mutant.
  • It can also be found in the Scorcher Base. (The Scorchers DLC)
  • It can also be found in Kvasir's Sewer, being the only loot in that sewer, but downloading The Scorchers DLC removes it, making it the only sewer without loot. (Wasteland Sewers DLC)

Ammunition typesEdit


  • The Rocket Launcher's idle animation includes Nicholas Raine unfolding the targeting screen to reveal the video game Doom, one of several references to the classic first-person shooter in RAGE also made by id Software (see Easter eggs for more details).
  • The Rocket Launcher closely resembles the rocket launcher used by the Doom Marine (Player) in Doom 3 and Doom 3 : Resurrection of Evil.


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