Road Rage map 2 Reactor

Reactor is the second Road Rage Vehicle Combat Rally multiplayer map in RAGE. It is based off of one of the Subway Town Speedway maps encountered in the Campaign.

It takes place in what looks like either a Gearhead or Authority drilling operation somewhere out in the Wasteland. This is arguably the most dangerous Road Rage map.


It consists of two main areas. One is the ramped "O" of land that surrounds the reactor itself, which is also where the vehicles and pick-ups spawn. The second inner layer is the Reactor itself, which is a very dangerous area of the map, hence the fact above.

The outer rim of the map is the location of the four vehicle spawns, all of the pick-ups except for the Quad Damage, three Capture Zones, and four Meteors. Each vehicle spawn area is a section either North, South, East, or West that is connected by small strips of driving area and each has a respective Meteor. These sections are also where a majority of the Vehicle Combat takes place. The four players each start in front of the Reactor where there are Ammo Recharges and Armor Recharges waiting with a big rock in the center of the driver's spawn area in the South and East spawn sections. From the beginning, the driver can choose to either drive directly through the Reactor or go across extremely narrow strips of land to the next area where the three Capture Zones are where the driver will most likely get into a oppressed gunfight.

The Reactor is fairly simple: four bridges connected to a small center plate that comes from each spawn. The center plate has the Quad Damage hovering above it. It has several gaps that will automatically kill the player in between each bridge. This area is very dangerous and should be avoided at all costs. There is also a Capture Zone in the center here, and should only be accessed with the strategy listed below.


Try to avoid going to the Reactor, for it's often impossible to make it out alive. In free-for-all, just wait for opponents to come to you, as they are sure to be driving along the outer rim constantly.

In Rally based races try and collect Meteors on the outside rim and quickly run through the Reactor to dump the points, of that is where the Capture Zones spawns.

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