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Ray's Oasis is a location featured in RAGE. It is a building at the Hagar Settlement, used as the local headquarters and Dan Hagar's residence.

This is where the player gets the first quests, as well as the first weapons: the Settler Pistol, Sniper Rifle and Striker Crossbow.

The building has a connecting garage where the players get the Jetter ATV, the starter vehicle used to introduce players to driving in RAGE.

Trivia Edit

  • The "Dan" Collector Card is found inside, in the southeast corner.
  • Right outside of the building is the "Loosum" Collector Card, on the rocks to the left of the building.
  • Once Dan leaves, Garan will guard the garage entrance. If the player hasn't picked up the "Dan" card already, they can still enter via the front door.

Gallery Edit

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