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Mutants are vile enemies in RAGE. They usually attack in groups and their skills at maneuvering make them challenging foes. Mutants can be found in various places in the Wasteland: in ruins, tunnels, and even at the Mutant Bash arena hosted by Mutant Bash TV. In game, they are often referred to as "freaks". Many of the wild mutants carry clubs, shanks and daggers, while the mutants who the Authority have been experimenting with, are able to carry and use advanced firearms. Read more…

Did you know…
…that the name of the player character is Nicholas Raine?

…there are about 19 different sorts of ammunition in the game RAGE?

…there are 54 different cards you can collect to use in the minigame "Rage Frenzy"?

…there are over 16 schematics in RAGE?

…that the "Arks" were shelters made to help selected people survive the impact of the asteroid 99942 "Apophis"?

RAGE is set in a post-apocalyptic version of a wasteland created by an asteroid impact, based on the real-life asteroid 99942 "Apophis"?

…that there are 5 different types of vehicles available in the game?

…that mutants, unlike normal human enemies, disintegrate a few seconds after they are killed?

…that the Resistance is a group of people who oppose the Authority?

How long did you take to finish Rage?

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