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Gameplay of RAGE HD

Note: A non-HD version was released but is not updated ever since the HD version came out and currently sells for $0.99/£0.69.

RAGE HD is a FPS game released for the iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch and currently sells for $1.99/£1.49. Unlike RAGE, it is a rail shooter much like another game Id Software released, called Doom: Resurrection. The protagonist is unknown. This game has DLC (Down-Loadable-Content) only one has been released, an episode pack which contains episode 4 (Kraken) and episode 5 (Aqueduct).

Also, there are only initially 3 stages but with a new update, they released a DLC pack containing Mutant Bash TV Episode 4 (Kraken) and Mutant Bash TV Episode 5 (Aqueduct)

In this game, you must kill all mutants in sight as well as shooting as many targets as you can, which will grant you more points for the score.(of which you must try to get a high score for every episode) This game is more of a arcade game as you have to get the high score and is on-rails. Also, you only have the Settler Pistol, (which has infinate rounds but can only hold 12 bullets at a time) the Settler's Assault Rifle (which has no limit of ammunition that you can collect and can hold 30 rounds at once) and the Combat Shotgun (which has no limit no much ammunition you can collect but can only hold 8 shells a once). When reloading, if you press the reload button at the right time, you can get a 'Double Damage'. If you fail, you will not be able to reload.


  1. Tenements
  2. Asylum
  3. Bunker
  4. Kraken (DLC)
  5. Aqueduct (DLC)


This game has 5 control scemes. The first is Touch control (control aim with left side of the screen and there is a 'change weapon' button as well, the right screen has the shoot, reload and sprint/dodge buttons. the bottom has your heath bar and the pause button) the second is Tilt Control, (tilt device to control aim, the bottom right to shoot, the bottom left is for dodging/sprinting, the top left to change weapons and the top right to reload) the third is Gyroscope, (the exact same as tilt, except that it is inverted look) the fourth is window (exact same as tilt except that you have to turn your entire body to aim) and the final control sceme is Analog Stick (exact same as Touch exept the stick is used to move aiming).


RAGE HD got critically aclaimed as 'one of the best looking games on iPhones' and got very positive reviews in the reviews section of the app store. Most of them problems that the reviewers has was that there was not enough levels (whereas there is only 3 stages and 5 with the DLC).

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