Road Rage Quick-Use Recharge

The Quick-use Recharge is a racing pick-up featured in the multiplayer mode Road Rage in RAGE. It can be found in various locations around all Road Rage maps, usually not far from the Ammo Recharge. When picked up, it automatically restores all quick-use items the player has expended using their current vehicle.


This pick-up is exceptionally useful when using quick-use items such as the Armor Restore and Hover Turret, as these will usually be used up quickly. The player should consider planning their movements on each map for the best usage of their quick-use items and the finding of these pick-ups.

In many cases, these pick-ups can be just as useful when stumbling upon them, so the player should consider picking one up when spotted just to be sure they are at the maximum amount of quick-use items.

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