Below is a simple graphical view of the quest tree in RAGE made with the use of the ImageMap wiki extension. If you experience problems with the image map or just wish to see the quests in a more traditional table view and complete with some basic details, see the list here.


  • The main quests must be completed to progress in the game and count towards getting the Achievement/Trophy "Obsessive Compulsive".
  • The mini quests are used to connect the main storyline quests and so must be completed to progress in the game. However, they don't count towards getting the Achievement/Trophy "Obsessive Compulsive".
  • The side quests are the quests that the player doesn't have to complete to progress in the game. However, they count towards getting the Achievement/Trophy "Obsessive Compulsive" and may reward the player with money and/or valuable items, as well as the Monarch vehicle.
  • The continuous events are a type of side quests which can be completed multiple times, rewarding the player with money and — this concerns the two bounty quests — Racing Certificates.
  • The postal missions are the Stanley Express side quests. When completed, they bring the player a decent amount of money and count towards getting the Achievement/Trophy "Obsessive Compulsive".
  • The Job Board missions are a type of side quest which can be obtained from the Job Boards in Wellspring and Subway Town and count towards getting the Achievement/Trophy "Obsessive Compulsive". They also count towards getting the Achievement/Trophy "Mr. Oddjob".
  • The traveling missions are not required to make progress in the storyline, nor do they count towards getting the Achievement/Trophy "Obsessive Compulsive". Their only use is to allow the player to travel to and from the Eastern Wasteland or Northern Wasteland and back.
  • The Wasteland Sewer Missions DLC quests are bonus side quests which add more mutant bashing content to the game, and reward the player with money/valuable items and Small Objects that can be sold to any vendor. These missions are only available with the DLC activated or in the Anarchy or Campaign Edition of the game. They do not count towards getting the Achievement/Trophy "Obsessive Compulsive".
  • RAGE: The Scorchers adds seven new quests to the game that are not featured in the legend below. They are as follows: "Rumbles in the Dark", "Scorched Refinement", "A Big Gamble", "Ticket to Oasis", "Mutant Bash Canyon", "The Scorcher Threat", and "Rite of Passage".

The solid arrows show the storyline progress that can be made after completing the quest. The dotted arrows reveal the ultimate direction the completion of the quests will make available to the player and mark the quests that need to be completed in order to make the progress.

Tree legend
Main quests Mini quests Side quests Continuous Postal Job Board Traveling DLC quests
Wingstick MasteryPrologueQuell the Bandit ThreatVisit SewersMedical SuppliesRadio Tower RepairWhere's JunoMutant AlertThe Missing PartsFind the Buggy PartsGrab the RadioDestroy the BarricadeDurar's Time TrialClean the SewersDan's MessageChanging ClothesRenting a GarageArming Your BuggySally's BountyResupply Dan HagarGrab the CrossbowSettler PostalBandit PostalWellspring BoundNorthern ExpressMissing PersonStolen MerchandiseMiracle CureThe Mayor CallsVisit the SheriffA PropositionFeltrite CraterCuprino NeededMutant MenaceRC PrototypeFeltrite SampleDusty 8 SponsorshipDefibrillator UpgradeMutant Bash TVThe Re-RunThe WellmasterHijacked WellWin the Dusty 8Starky's ChallengeTalk to CarlsonCaravan CoverDeadly DeliveryResupply the Watch TowerFinding FeltriteSecret DeliveryDestroy the Bomb CachesTalk to ElizabethLiberate Captain MarshallThe ExchangeTalk to Captain MarshallRecover ID DriveTalk to Captain MarshallLost Research DataTalk to Captain MarshallSubway TownTalk to Captain MarshallTravel to WellspringGaining InfluenceTravel to Subway TownBrick's BountyForeman JonesComet BloomBounty HunterAbandoned DistilleryMutant ExpansionEviction NoticeGearhead VaultHelp WantedThe Price of PowerMonarch NeededStarky's MonarchSee LassardArk EquipmentTalk to PortmanAssault the Authority BridgeGrab the Pulse CannonAssault Capital PrimeTalk to Captain MarshallQuests in RAGE
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