Road Rage Quad Damage

The Quad Damage is a racing pick-up featured in the multiplayer mode Road Rage in RAGE. It causes all damage done by the player's vehicle boosted to approximately 400% of normal damage.


It is by far the rarest pick-up, as only one can be found on each map and it respawns approximately two minutes after being picked up.


In Road Rage, this pick-up is very valuable and some players actually make acquiring it their priority over earning points. It is in either the most dangerous location of the map or the most well hidden, so the player should consider taking into matter all the factors of the Rally, such as weapons when going to grab it.

This pick-up drastically improves the use of the Machine Guns, Heavy Machine Guns, the Rocket, and especially the Nailspreader, as each already has the strength to eliminate Scout Buggy class vehicles and Enforcer Cuprino class vehicles; with the upgrade, even the simple Machine Guns could threaten the capabilities of an Executioner Monarch class vehicle with the use of the Quad Damage.


  • This item is a reference to a powerful pick-up of the same name featured in the Quake franchise also made by id Software.

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