Road Rage primary 4 Pulse repeaters
“Energy-based Machine Guns.”

The Pulse Repeaters are a primary vehicle weapon featured in the multiplayer mode Road Rage in RAGE. They are unlocked at level 12 and are equipped by default on Boss Monarch class vehicle.

Being primary weapons, they have infinite ammo.


Being the first of the two pulse weapons in the game, they are not as strong as the Pulse Cannon but still are much more powerful than the Nailspreader. They inflict about twice the damage of the Nailspreader per shot, making them very deadly weapons when facing enemy Scouts or Enforcers.

When facing a Monarch class vehicle, they do about the same amount of damage as the Heavy Machine Guns inflict to Scouts, making them the first weapon strong enough to stand up to the Monarchs. It's advised to be careful when facing the Boss vehicle, as its Pulse Cannon can destroy the player's vehicle quickly.

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