Road Rage primary 5 Pulse cannon
Vehicle ammunition Pulsegun monarch

Pulse Cannon in-game

“A long-range, high-damage weapon with a slow rate of fire.”

The Pulse Cannon is a vehicle weapon featured in RAGE. Used on the Monarch class vehicles, it fires a large bolt of energy with certain homing abilities, almost similar in appearance to the Authority Pulse Cannon charges produced by BFG Rounds. It's also available as a primary weapon in the multiplayer mode Road Rage. It has the same power as the Pulse Cannon featured in the Campaign and is powerful enough to even take down a Boss.

This is the most technologically advanced and powerful vehicle weapon in the game. One hit is enough to destroy any enemy vehicle, including the Authority Predator. It only comes with the Monarch vehicle and available after completing the quest "Monarch Needed".

In the Campaign, the matching ammo becomes available from some vendors after acquiring the vehicle. It's rather expensive, but well worth the price due to the devastating effect on the enemies. Also, it helps to save some money on vehicle armor and some quick-use items.

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