Road Rage map 3 Prime

Prime is the third Road Rage Vehicle Combat Rally multiplayer map in RAGE. It is similar but not identical to the area around Capital Prime in the Campaign.

This Rally takes place in a crater area in the Authority Territory. Although smallest of the Road Rage maps, it contains the biggest quantity of Meteors.


The starting spawn point is at the southwest area, with a tall Authority watch-tower to greet the player. Going further, the players find themselves in a small valley, where six Meteors and a lone Capture Zone await. It is boxed in by several Authority conductors, buildings, and possibly power stations to the West, and the only accessible Authority tunnel.

Going further, a small slope of dirt leading into a wall tricks the player into thinking there is a second layer to the map, which sadly there is not. Two Meteors can spawn on this ramp and possibly a Capture Zone at the bend in the crater at the bottom of the ramp.

After that, if the player turns at the ramp, they will find themselves in a futuristic tunnel that holds a very valuable Quad Damage upgrade in the middle. A Capture Zone can also spawn here. Leaving the tunnel, the player is met by the initial vehicle spawn.

If the player goes around the buildings in the crater, a small area of many nooks and crannies hold two Capture Zones, and up to nine Meteors.


In Rally games, the player is recommended to just keep going around the map in a constant circle so that they will acquire the Quad Damage every East loop and can pick up valuable Meteors on the way. The player will occasionally be forced to go to a Capture Zone, but only about three times if they have collected enough Meteors along the way.

In Carnage, or free-for-all, the player should do the same thing as listed above but make purposeful trips into the crater after collecting the Quad Damage upgrade and then rain fire upon their opponents.

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