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Plateau Sewers Entrance

The Plateau Sewers are a location featured in RAGE. Like the other sewers, they are only available with the Wasteland Sewer Missions DLC. It is found in the Northern Wasteland.


The entrance to the sewer is located near the Watch Tower.

The sewer hatch is partially obscured by some weeds and a large rock. Look for the Vehicle Jump "Dedicated", marked by the hovering Authority drone nearby. The drone is between two large stone pillars. The pillar furthest from Watch Tower, on the western side, has the sewer hatch hidden in the bush. If the drone is still there, stand underneath it and walk southeast, you should run into the sewer entrance.

Associated quests Edit

Notable LootEdit

Walkthrough Edit

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The infamous ladder

Once you enter the sewer, a Club Mutant will rush you. As always, the Combat Shotgun or Fists of Rage are advised. Kill the mutie, and grab the loot from the floor. Next to the loot is a ladder, leading deeper into the sewer. 

Climb down, into a large room. Here, the player will be thrown into a large firefight, with several different mutant types. Among these mutants is either a Large Mutant, or a Kraken, depending on which quest you are doing. It's presence makes this sewer, by far, the most difficult of all the Wasteland sewers. If possible, the Rocket Launcher is very useful against these creatures.
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Hello there...

If the player doesn't have one, Pop Rockets are a good alternative, although the mutant can technically be killed with any weapon. Once it has been dealt with, loot the dead body in the middle of the room, and grab the loot on the right.  Keep heading forward, until you reach a dead end. Turn right and grab the loot in the corner, and loot the corpse on the floor. From here, ehad left into another room. At the end of the hallway are a series of tunnels. Grab the small loot on the floor in here. Then turn left, and head down the tunnel. Some mutants will be waiting
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Employees only!

for you. 

At the end of the tunnel is a medium-sized room. Some mutants will be in here. Kill them, and grab the loot on the floor. Head left into another room. In here are more muties. Kill them, and grab the loot from the corner of the room. Then, head over to the door. Open it, and enter yet another small room. In here, a horde of mutants will attack you. After eventually killing them all, head into the "maintenance area". 

This is the last room in the sewer. Some muties will be in here, but not as many as in the last room. Take them out, and head into the large tunnel. At the end of it is the muties' loot. Loot it, and leave via the staircase to your right.


  • It is the largest and most dangerous sewers in the Wasteland. There can be a Large Mutant or a Kraken accompanied with scores of grunts here in the large room after descending the ladder. It is advised to have the Rocket Launcher before attempting this sewer, plus a few hundred rounds of ammunition.


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