Rage Pinkies
“Very rare box of treats known for their indefinite shelf life and astronomic sugar content.”

Pinkies are a miscellaneous item and one of the Doom Easter eggs in RAGE. Rarely found by Nicholas Raine in different locations, they have no use in the Wasteland and can only be sold to vendors for $50 per box.



  • It is a nod to the original Doom enemy, the Demon (aka "Pinky", due to its coloration); a cartoon monster resembling the Doom 3 incarnation can be seen on the front of the box. When picked up, a roar is heard, which is the same as the Pinky roar.
  • These are also a direct reference to "Twinkies" snack cakes, and a reference to the post-apocalyptic zombie movie Zombieland in which the character Tallahassee had an obsession with finding Twinkies.
  • The manufacturer of these snacks is Oishii, which in Japanese is a term for delicious.
  • the surviving pinkies still remain edible as real Twinkies are nonperishable.