Phallinx Hagar
RAGE Phallinx Hagar
Appears in RAGE
Affiliations Hagar Settlement
Status Alive
Family Dan Hagar
Durar Hagar
Halek Hagar
Loosum Hagar
Sarah Hagar

Phallinx Hagar is a character featured in RAGE. He is a mechanic and resident of the Hagar Settlement. He can be found near the Durar's workshop.

Upon interacting with him, he will describe the type of ore contained on the meteorite that struck Earth, called Feltrite. He will then advise Nicholas Raine to keep the Feltrite Crystals found.

After the protagonist first infiltrates the Shrouded Bunker to destroy the clan's bomb caches and then completes the quest "Feltrite Crater", "A Proposition" mission will be available from the Job Board in Wellspring which is to find Phallinx in the Hagar Settlement. He then will offer the mission "RC Prototype", in which the protagonist must infiltrate the bunker once again to acquire an advanced RC Bomb Car prototype. He will reward the protagonist with the Advanced RC Bomb Car schematic.


  • In the Wasteland Legends co-op mission "Life in Prison", one of the two playable character models is Phallinx's.
  • Some of Phallinx's dialog refer to "strange noises" coming from below the settlement. This is a reference to RAGE: The Scorchers, and was the first indication of the DLC's existence.


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