Performance Tires
Cost, RC 20 / 25 / 30 Rage Dune Buster Tires Performance
Vehicle(s) Buggy /
Cuprino /
Upgrade type Tire upgrade
Prerequisite "Wellspring Bound"
“Extra traction means tighter turns and better control.”
―Buggy Description

Performance Tires are vehicle upgrades featured in RAGE. They can be purchased for 20 Racing Certificates for the Dune Buster and Rat Rod[1] buggies, 25 for the Cuprino, and 30 for the Monarch.

The Performance Tires provide extra traction and handling of all obtainable vehicles. They aren't very valuable when in Vehicle Combat, but provide extra support when the player is tying to escape a large grouping of bandit vehicles.

In Racing, these can be exceptionally helpful as on the sharpest turns of the various speedways these tires can help the player to have a better control of their vehicle.


  1. The Rat Rod buggy is the Anarchy / Campaign Edition bonus content.

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