Rage sewers Outrigger

Outrigger Sewers entrance

The Outrigger Sewers is a location featured in RAGE. Like other sewers, it is only available with the Wasteland Sewer Missions DLC. This sewer could also be the one Rikter Outrigger and Ramos Outrigger occasionally mention due to its closeness to the Outrigger Settlement. It is found in the Northern Wasteland.

Location Edit

The player can find the entrance to the sewers near the path leading to the Radio Tower and Wasted Garage, just north of the Outrigger Settlement. When approaching the path, it will be on the opposite side of the path from the yellow road sign. The exit is next to the Radio Tower zipline stop; it will give the player a warning triangle.

Associated quests Edit

Notable lootEdit

Walkthrough Edit

2014-06-09 00001

Silent AND deadly...

Upon entering the sewer, you will be placed in a hallway, with two unsuspecting mutants ahead. Use the crossbow to take them out silently. Once you've done so, loot the corpses on the ground. A single Club Mutant will sprint towards you. The Fists of Rage or Combat Shotgun are, as always, recommended here. Take it out, and then loot the body up ahead. A Dagger Thrower and Club will jump through the door at the end of the hallway. Take them out, and enter the room.

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So many choices...

From here, you can either head left to the exit, or forward, if you want to collect the mutants' loot, and complete the "Visit Sewers" quest. Heading forward, three mutants will ambush you, so be ready. Head up the stairs, to a room with a single mutant in it. From here, you can go several different ways.

2014-06-09 00007

In all its glory...

First, head right, into a room filled with loot. Note that a Club will be waiting for you. Right of the entrance, on the floor, is a hammer. Grab it, and head to the end of the room, where some paint cans can be looted. Head up the steps, into a room with two mutants.  Kill them, and head into the last room. Grab the radio on the floor, and head right to a room with a desert spore, along with some gas cans. Right outside of this room, on the right, is the muties' loot pile. 

Head back out, and into the other room. Note that a Club will sprint at you once you exit. Some mutants will attack you, so be prepared. Inside the room is some minor loot. Grab it, and exit.

From here, double back to the exit. Mind the mutants that stand between you, and it.

Notes Edit

  • The desert spore can be obtained during either the "Visit Sewers" or "Clean the Sewers" quests.


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