The Outriggers, a nomadic group of settlers, created a temporary enclave in an oil rich industrial complex. But, with the ever-present threat of Bandit raids and encroaching mutants, who knows how long these resourceful settlers will remain.

The Outrigger Settlement is a location featured in RAGE. It is a small enclave created by Rikter Outrigger and a group of nomadic settlers. Marked for its numerous fuel tanks and pipelines, the settlement is the prominent producer of fuel in the region. It is centered in the Outrigger Territory.

Though a pivotal part of the Wasteland ecosystem, settlers such as Dan Hagar note that the Outriggers are little better than the bandits that roam the wastes in their dealings and customs. Nicholas Raine is sent here at the behest of Dan Hagar after a bandit attack on the Hagar Settlement in search of medical supplies.

Because of being constantly attacked by bandit clans and mutants, the settlement will be permanently closed later on, the gate will be locked and the inside will be completely empty. Rourke will remain outside to inform the protagonist that the settlement is closed and the Outriggers are to move back to their land.


Associated questsEdit



  • It's possible to enter the settlement after it's closed. See the Janus Outrigger card page for more details.
  • The Outriggers "closing up shop" may have been due to the nearby Scorcher Refinery, as Rourke does blame their leaving on nearby bandits.
    • However, this could also be referring to the Wasted Clan, whose base is just down the road.


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