Obsessive Compulsive RAGE Obsessive Compulsive
Points 75 Game points
Trophy Gold trophy
Reach 100% Completion in the Campaign

"Obsessive Compulsive" is an Achievement/Trophy in RAGE. This Achievement/Trophy can be earned by reaching 100% completion in the Campaign, doing absolutely everything basically in the base game.


To complete the achievement, you need to amass 130 points (tracked as the final statistic on the Statistics page), as follows:

Things that do NOT count toward the 130 points:

RAGE All Collectibles Guide *IN ORDER IN DEPTH*

RAGE All Collectibles Guide *IN ORDER IN DEPTH*

Obsessive Compulsive Achievement/Trophy guide



  • New games started after completing RAGE for the first time begin the counter at 2/130. You can see this count by going to the Statistics page at the first possible moment in the game, as soon as you exit the Ark Chamber and confirm your vertical look settings.
    • Since you still end the game with a maximum of 130 points, it's not clear which 2 points later in the game are not awarded.