Road Rage primary 3 Nailspreader
“Get within a short distance of your target and unleash hell.”

The Nailspreader is a primary vehicle weapon featured in the multiplayer mode Road Rage in RAGE. It is unlocked at level 7 and is equipped by default on the Outlaw Monarch class vehicle.

Being a primary weapon, it has infinite ammo.


The weapon acts as a type of vehicle shotgun. It's much more powerful than Heavy Machine Guns and can dispatch enemies with only a small amount of effort. Like with Heavy Machine Guns, the player may use the Nailspreader to trap an enemy vehicle in a chase so it constantly takes fire until it explodes or finds a way to escape the conflict.

The player should be wary of the Monarch class vehicles, namely Outlaw, Executioner, and Boss. This weapon is the strongest of the non-pulse weapons, but it cannot defeat a Monarch easily and it will take a good amount of fire to destroy one.

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