Road Rage right 1 Mine
“Drop this behind your car to damage enemies on your tail.”

The Mine is a vehicle weapon featured in RAGE. It can be bought from vendors for $25 ($24 when wearing Wastelander or Crimson Elite[1] armor) and is unlocked by default as a right quick-use item at level 1 in Road Rage. The player's vehicle can hold a maximum of 99 Mines.

When activated, they're left armed on the ground. When an enemy vehicle drives over one, it explodes, dealing a great amount of damage to the vehicle, if not destroying it. These mines can be off, though, as many times they will explode after the vehicle has escaped the blast radius.


In the Campaign, this is one of the many vehicle quick-use items available and it's not recommended that these are used over some of the better items, such as the Escort Bomb.

In Road Rage, the player may try to abstain from using them, or leave them as traps in crowded runways. These almost always have a delayed explosion in Road Rage, so it's recommended to leave them in areas the enemy will have to stay still in.


  1. Crimson Elite armor is the Anarchy and Campaign Edition exclusive content.

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