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Appears in RAGE
Affiliations Wellspring
Mick's Garage
Status Alive
“Well, well, well, howdy do to you.”
―Mick, greeting the protagonist

Mick is a character featured in RAGE. He is a resident of Wellspring and the owner of Mick's Garage.

During the quest "Renting a Garage" Mick offers to rent out part of his garage to the protagonist, as long as he goes to Mick for all his vehicle needs. He mentions he was a former racer when the protagonist does some races and tells that the protagonist is a fine driver.

When the protagonist leaves the Hagar Settlement and moves to Wellspring on constant basis with the quest "Wellspring Bound", Mick greets him upon arrival and informs him that both Mayor Clayton and Sheriff Black want to talk to him, thus starting two mini quests, "The Mayor Calls" and "Visit the Sheriff".

Throughout the game, Mick offers the protagonist some advice and wishes good luck to him when embarking for certain missions. Later when the Authority steps into Wellspring, Mick tells the protagonist that he should leave soon even though he hates to see him leave but he would hate it worse if the Authority caught him, indicating that Mick also has some clear disdain towards the Authority.

After the mission "Subway Town" is completed, if Raine travels back to the Northern Wasteland, Mick will still offer tow services for $150 for each tow.

Quotes Edit

“Clearing the Northern passage will make a lot of people around these parts might happy. It's sure nice having you here.”
―Mick, to the protagonist
“Heard people say that there's been some Authority patrols snooping around. You keep a watch for them and your distance.”
―Mick, to the protagonist
“Listen friend, heard the Authority's looking for you. You best think about leaving town soon. I hate to see you go, but I'd hate it worse if they picked you up.”
―Mick, to the protagonist

Associated questsEdit


  • In the novel, Mick helps Nicholas Raine by upgrading his vehicle's Boost, and fixing up Raine's buggy to have some chance of surviving the race.
  • In the early stages of RAGE Mick was designed having a mechanical arm, like Durar Hagar and Rusty.


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