Road Rage Meteor

Meteors are Vehicle items featured in RAGE. In the Campaign, these Feltrite-rich shards can be found during the Feltrite Tempest events out in the Wasteland. They are also featured in the multiplayer mode Road Rage in the Meteor Rallies as a Racing pick-up used to get Rally Points.


Each Meteor collected by the player adds a set of Feltrite Crystals to their inventory. The crystals then can be sold to vendors for $25 or used to complete the quest "Finding Feltrite".


The Feltrite Tempest strategy is simple: use Boost constantly and follow the road's turns. All in all, the player's success depends solely on their driving skills and the vehicle's condition. However, the Feltrite Storm event will require the player to fight off multiple bandit vehicles as well, and in addition to the "Boost strategy" mentioned above it will require the player to make use of the vehicle breaks and have decent Vehicle Combat skills.

Road RageEdit

The Meteors are worth three Rally Points each although the player can carry multiple. Upon driving over a Capture Zone with them the player will be rewarded however many Meteors ×3 in points.


The player should circle around maps like Reactor and Prime in order to get the most Meteors for more points. It is also recommended to search for the Quad Damage pick-up in order to dispatch enemy vehicles quicker and to get their Meteors as they drop them upon detonation. The player should consider trying to have at least 7 Meteors before dropping them all off.

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