Road Rage map 5 Meteor

Meteor is the fifth Road Rage Vehicle Combat Rally multiplayer map in RAGE. It is based off of one of the Subway Town Speedway maps encountered in the Campaign.

The Rally takes place in one of the meteor craters that appeared when 99942 Apophis hit. This map enjoys frequent Meteor spawning.


It is a very simple map in the shape of an "8". It has three turns, two ramps, and a main firefight area in the middle. The bottom turn is the bottom of the eight and has a road straight through it. Often, Meteors spawn here and this area can become congested with drivers. The middle can become a war zone very fast as every driver must go through this area eventually to win. The side turn is located on the right (from the spawn) and is also where the first ramp giving a passage to the Quad Damage pick-up is. This ramp is recommended when trying to maneuver while avoiding Vehicle Combat. The top turn consists of a solid "O"-like rock turning the turn into a ramp-like object. When coming from the spawn point the turn is on both sides and curves around this rock.

Meteors can spawn in five different locations. Two on the bottom turn, one in the middle, and two on the ramp on the top turn.

Capture Zones can spawn in three different places. One can spawn in the side turn leading to the middle. The other two appear at the top and bottom turn circles relatively close to the players spawn points.


It is recommended that the player attempts to go through the map avoiding combat. The Meteors are common there and don't require the player to kill other players to win. If the player is forced to engage in combat, they may attempt to only strafe an opponent with the primary vehicle weapon they use and then run towards the next Meteor.

It's recommended that the player who insists on combat stays near the Rally Station and waits for oncoming prey. This may or may not work depending on their level as another player is surely to suspect what they are trying to do and is likely to engage. This may not be the best way to fight enemies on this map, but it is one of the very few ways available.

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