Martin Cross
Appears in RAGE
Rank/Title General, "The Visionary", leader of the Authority
Affiliations The Authority
Status Unknown

General Martin Cross, also known as the Visionary, is a character featured in RAGE. He is the leader of the Authority and the game's main antagonist, although he is only mentioned by name within the game itself. He seeks to control all of the Wasteland and will do anything to achieve his aims. Most settlements live in fear of him and his armor clad soldiers, for he is not sparing in the punishment he deals out to those who oppose his rule. He has established a base for the Authority in a place now known as Capital Prime, most likely the location of the "Super Ark".

Martin Cross is an Ark Survivor. Before 99942 "Apophis" hit, he and a group of soldiers took control of a special Ark, a so-called "Super Ark", leaving the original residents to die outside, as it is unlikely that they could survive the catastrophe. Emerging seventy six years later in 2105, he and Colonel James Casey began to set their plans in motion for bringing order back to the world, by any means necessary. Soldiers that served under him, such as Captain John Marshall, called him a madman, and in the case of Captain Marshall hoped that if anyone deserved to die in the wake of Apophis, it was him.


  • During the quest "Assault Capital Prime" Cross could have possibly been away from Capital Prime, as Nicholas Raine and he never cross paths.
    • As such, Cross's fate at the end of the game remains a mystery. It is possible that he may resemble the Makron, the Strogg leader in Quake 2 and Quake IV, or he is no longer human but some monstrosity.


  • He, by loop-broadcast propaganda in Subway Town, often says the sentence "God bless the Authority", which is the direct reference to the United States' motto "God bless America".

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