Magnum Grill
Cost, RC Rage Cuprino Grill Magnum
Vehicle(s) Cuprino
Upgrade type Ram upgrade
Prerequisite "Starky's Challenge"
“The big boy of ramming grills.”

The Magnum Grill upgrade is a vehicle upgrade featured in RAGE. It is a quest reward won after completing "Starky's Challenge" for the Cuprino.

The Magnum Grill provides vast advantages in heated, close range engagements between the player and enemy vehicles. It basically provides the ramming power of the Hammer Grill, but increased to even higher efficiency. The player can use this to clear Vehicle Combat challenges encountered throughout the Wasteland with little help from the Miniguns or the Rocket Launchers.

In Racing, this upgrade can be most effective in Rallies rather than races, as the combat advantage is only needed mainly in Rallies. This can be slightly effective in later races in the Subway Town Speedway, however, if the enemy drivers can compete with the player.

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