Loosum Hagar
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Appears in RAGE
Affiliations Hagar Settlement
Status Alive
Weapon Wingstick
Family Dan Hagar
Durar Hagar
Halek Hagar
Phallinx Hagar
Sarah Hagar
“Let me guess, you want to know how to throw a wingstick? Ain't easy, friend.”
―Loosum Hagar, to the protagonist

Loosum Hagar is a character featured in RAGE. She is a resident of the Hagar Settlement and apparently the daughter of Dan Hagar. She can be found at the wingstick training area early in the game.

Upon interacting with her, she offers to teach Nicholas Raine to use wingsticks, thus starting the side quest "Wingstick Mastery". After completing the test, the protagonist will be awarded with five wingsticks and the ability to purchase more from Halek Hagar. Her quest can be completed as many times as the players desire.

Loosum Hagar wears a white crop top, a red scarf, a helmet and goggles, brown gloves and boots, and brown short-shorts. This outfit is very revealing, completely exposing her midriff and thighs. Because of her costume, fans of RAGE have often stated that Loosum Hagar is attractive.


  • In the novel Loosum has a larger impact on Raine's actions, providing more information on the surrounding wasteland and is later taken prisoner by the Authority after Dan Hagar fails to provide information on the whereabouts of Nicholas Raine in order to prevent the Authority from capturing him. Later as Nicholas Raine enters the Authority Prison, she is found alongside John Marshall as a prisoner. She gives her life battling a horde of mutants to allow the protagonist and the injured captain escape.
  • Loosum Hagar is voiced by American actress Amanda Troop (IMDb, Website).
  • The name Loosum was originally a play on the term "win some and lose some".  At one point the developers intended for Loosum to have a disfigured sister named Winsum.  The fact that Winsum was disfigured and Loosum was beautiful would have been an intentional inversion of what one might expect.  Loosum's sister appears in the Scorcher's add-on.  The disfigurement and play on words was, for better or worse, dropped and her name was changed to the less-than-unique Sarah.


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