Map by funkyskull-d4cou76

Throughout the RAGE Wastelands lie numerous locations. Some are home to human settlements, whereas others hold more inhuman creatures.

Following the storyline Nicholas Raine will find himself in such locations as the Hagar Settlement, Wellspring, and Subway Town. The quests given to him will lead him further into the Wasteland, where he will enter homes of bandits, mutants, and the Authority.

List of Locations (Alphabetical Order)Edit

Settlements  Bandit Bases  Authority Enclaves Miscellaneous
Gunbarrel Dam Facility Authority Prison Abandoned Distillery
Hagar Settlement Gearhead Vault Authority Security Bridge Dead City
Oasis Ghost Hideout Capital Prime Dead City Hospital
Outrigger Settlement Jackal Canyon Hagar Caves
Subway Town Power Plant The Refinery
Wellspring Scorcher Base Wasteland Sewers
Shrouded Bunker Wellspring Tunnels

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