James Casey
Rank/Title Lieutenant
Affiliations Authority
Status Deceased

Colonel James Casey is a character featured in the comic RAGE: After the Impact and the novel RAGE, the backstory for RAGE.

A former Lieutenant in the United States army, he was one of the men who was charged with defending an Ark site before the 99942 "Apophis" struck. He aided General Martin Cross in his takeover of the "Super Ark" and was to continue his service as the General's right hand in the new world that would result from the impact of Apophis by helping reshape his men into the group that would be known as the Authority. He met his death fighting the Giant Mutant created by Dr. Antonin Kvasir in the novel.


  • In the novel, he helped General Cross in providing information about the Eden Project and mainly, the location of the Super Ark and the other Arks around the world.

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