“If you're looking for fame, if you're looking for glory, try yourself on the Dusty 8! You think YOU can drive?”
―Jackie Weeks to Nicholas Raine.

Jackie Weeks is a character featured in RAGE. He is a resident of Wellspring and the race announcer at the Wellspring Speedway.

Biography Edit

He is found outside the Wellspring Speedway entrance and, after greeting Nicholas Raine and giving information about the races in town, directs him to Slim, who will get the player ready to race. During the quest "Cuprino Needed" he will task the protagonist with acquiring the Sponsorship Letter and winning the Dusty 8 Sponsored Event.

He will make several announcements and engage in dialogue with the protagonist as mentioned above, but does not have any further interactions with the protagonist after the completing the Dusty 8 Sponsored Event.

Quotes Edit

“Greetings! Name's Jackie Weeks and I'm the impresario who runs all the high speed races in Wellspring. And I do mean all.”
―Jackie Weeks greeting Nicholas Raine
“Hey, my friend. I must say you do look like a racer if ever I saw one.”
―Jackie Weeks to Nicholas Raine.

Gallery Edit

Notes Edit

  • Jackie calls himself an "impresario", despite the fact that the term usually applies to people who organize operas and plays. This must be just a resemblance of the mix of Spanish and English words made in Old-West settlements, as Wellspring resembles an Old-West town.
  • In the mission "Dusty 8 Sponsorship", when he tells the protagonist to go and meet J.K. Stiles, he makes a reference to the 1960 American comedy film "The Little Shop of Horrors".
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